Zuber et Cie, "Boston Harbor" from "Vues d'Amérique du Nord", France Mid-20th century

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SKU: 078-0720

Large block-printed wallpaper with an idyllic, idealistic harbor scene of Boston. The motif comes from the "Vues d'Amérique du Nord" series and was first presented by Jean Zuber et Cie in 1834. This wallpaper is still produced today using the traditional "à la planche" method from 1690 individual blocks of wood that were carved in 1834. This is probably a 20th century version with stains and damage, mounted on plywood. This wallpaper sequence enjoyed great popularity and was installed in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, among other places.
Height: 185.0 cm | 72.83 in.
Width: 280.0 cm | 110.24 in.
Depth: 3.0 cm | 1.18 in.


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