Wall Clock, Netherlands, Mid-19th Century

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SKU: 063-0090

Pine or other conifer wood and hardwood, polychrome painting, gilt and painted with shellac; various metals, parcel-gilt, glass Holland, around mid-19th century Large brass movement, weight driven with chain, cylinder escapement. Presumably 8 days duration, strike on bell, brass pendulum with spring suspension Arched painted iron dial with Roman and Arabic numerals and brass hands, depictions of the four seasons in the corners and an allegorical figural scene to the center and a playful peasant scene above. Long wooden cabinet with three sided glazed head; covered with imitation veneer in shellac and painted with tendrils, meander frieze, stylized leaves and ornaments; painted with a rural landscape scene and fitted with a viewing window; the cabinet opens to reveal another small landscape scene; above the cornice sit three torch finials.

Height: 150.0 cm | 59.06 in.
Width: 41.5 cm | 16.34 in.
Depth: 22.0 cm | 8.66 in.


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