Sewing Box with Steel-Cut Decor, c. 1820

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SKU: 078-0711

Rectangular sewing box with steel-cut decoration and monogram A on the lid. The escutcheon is cut out in the shape of a coat of arms and the key is present. The box is veneered in burl and the surfaces are surrounded by a fine ebonised edge. The rich interior with little partitions reveals a glimpse into the past of domestic craftsmanship. In particular, the small table clock in the ebonised case and matching steel-cut decoration is a charming detail. The movement is signed: "Franz Mayer et Co. zur Stadt Karlsbad". Two yarn spindles are to be screwed to the table tops with c-shaped clamps and are also very finely decorated in steel-cut manner.
Height: 7.0 cm | 2.76 in.
Width: 29.0 cm | 11.42 in.
Depth: 23.0 cm | 9.06 in.


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