Romeo e Giulietta by Ernesto Lamagna (Italy, *1945) Italy, 1979

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Busts of Romeo and Juliet made of embossed and gilded copper. Romeo is depicted in the form of a bearded man with curly hair and Juliet with blown-back hair and a serious look. The masks are mounted on square granite bases and signed on the side, 1x dated '79 and 1x labelled p.dia. Ernesto Lamagna was born in Naples in 1945 and lives and works in Rome. Lamagna completed a classical education and later attended the Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, the USA and Japan, and his monumental sculptures adorn prestigious locations. His notable works include the towering Madonna of "Notre Dame du Liban" in Sydney, angel sculptures for collections in Houston and the Angel of Peace at the headquarters of the CNR in Rome. As Secretary of the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts, he created the "Hammer and Cross" processional route for the Great Jubilee of the Holy Year 2000, which is now in the Treasury of the Vatican Museums. His diverse portfolio includes portraits of sculptors, participation in renowned exhibitions and contributions to important events.
Height: 45.0 cm | 17.72 in.
Width: 24.0 cm | 9.45 in.
Depth: 12.0 cm | 4.72 in.


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