Robert Cauer d. Ä. (1831-1893) Venus with Dolphin, Rome 1874


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Almost life-size depiction of Venus with dolphin by Robert I Cauer (1831-1893). Full sculptural execution in marble. Inscription on the base "R. Cauer" as well as date 1874 and place name Roma.

Robert Cauer the Elder was born in Dresden in 1831 as the son of Emil Cauer the Elder. He belonged to the well-known Cauer family of artists and studied at the Düsseldorf Academy under Johann Gottfried Schadow and Karl Ferdinand Sohn. After a study visit to Rome 1856-1861 and journeys to England and Scotland he settled in Kreuznach an der Nahe. From the 1870s onwards he stayed in Rome again several times, where he will also have created this sculpture.

He was commissioned by the Prussian state to make plaster casts of Italian sculptures. His own works in this phase were mostly romantic motifs, which passed into private ownership. He died in Kassel in 1893. His sons Stanislaus and Friedrich Cauer continued the sculpture tradition of the family.

Literature: Thieme / Becker, p. 200f.

Height: 130.0 cm | 51.18 in.
Width: 45.0 cm | 17.72 in.
Depth: 50.0 cm | 19.69 in.


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