Restauration console, France 1830

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Extravagant style de la restauration console. The furniture is characterized by the most elaborate details in masterful workmanship. The rectangular base is framed by an egg-bar frieze. The paired columns of the sides grow organically from a wreath of lancet leaves. Their capitals of arcanthus leaves bear florally carved volutes. In contrast to the columns, a reduced center panel connects the cheeks and the back wall. The wide frame supports the finely profiled top. The Restoration style, which began after the fall of Napoleon I with the reinstatement of the Bourbons in 1815, lasted until the resignation of King Charles X after the July Revolution of 1830. While French politics aimed to restore pre-revolutionary conditions with the Restoration, the style of the antique-classicist Empire remained in art, albeit avoiding "Napoleonic" ornamentation. (according to P.W. Hartmann)

Height: 106.0 cm | 41.73 in.
Width: 132.0 cm | 51.97 in.
Depth: 47.0 cm | 18.5 in.


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