Portrait of Emperor Leopold I of Habsburg, Unknown Master, 17th Century


SKU: 084-1630

Half-length portrait of Emperor Leopold I (born 1640, reigned 1658-1705) of Habsburg and later Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in armor with imperial cloak. Around his neck he wears a large brooch with a blue ribbon and the chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece. With his left hand, he points to the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire and the electoral crown. A red ermine cloak falls from his shoulders.
Oil on canvas.
In a black lacquered, profiled wooden frame.
Image dimensions: 131 x 101 cm
Dimensions with frame: 146 x 115 x 5 cm

Height: 146.0 cm | 57.48 in.
Width: 115.0 cm | 45.28 in.
Depth: 5.0 cm | 1.97 in.


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