Neoclassical Sewing Table, Berlin circa 1830


SKU: 039-1125

Inventory number 1754 from Castle Altenburg. With label of the Leipzig wood and furniture dealer H. F. Sönderop, Neuer Neumarkt 607 (Marie). Note: From 1860, the house "Marie" was identical with Grimmaischer Str. 18 or Neumarkt 1. Green-gold set palmette base made of "wood bronze" (mahogany shavings or high quality domestic woods, clay, plaster and binding agents) by Carl August Mencke (1776 - 1841). Provenance: Sotheby's, New York, 26.03.1997, lot 335. Literature: W. L. Eller, Möbel des Klassizismus, Louis XVI u. Empire, Munich 2002, pp. 93, 254, fig. 447.
Height: 81.0 cm | 31.89 in.
Width: 71.0 cm | 27.95 in.
Depth: 71.0 cm | 27.95 in.
Diameter: 58.0 cm | 22.83 in.


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