Marble Bust of La Zingara, Italy, circa 1800

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Bust of the Zingara or Fortune Teller, finely carved out of marble. The Zingara is depicted with a cloth tied around her chin, which wraps around her elaborately braided hair and ends in a small lace with dot decoration. She is dressed in a draped cloth and a belt runs across her shoulder. La Zingara, or the Fortune Teller, is inspired by an ancient sculpture that was in the Villa Borghese from the 17th century until it was moved to the Louvre by Napoleon. Now this "Egyptian Woman" can be found in the Museum of Versailles. The interpretation of this full-figure sculpture as a bust is attributed to different artists. What is certain is that this type of bust enjoyed great popularity at the end of the 18th century. Very good, carefully cleaned condition.
Height: 56.0 cm | 22.05 in.
Width: 31.0 cm | 12.2 in.
Depth: 22.0 cm | 8.66 in.


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