Louis Seize Incense Burner, Paris c. 1785


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This masterfully crafted brûle parfum was conceived on a tripod base made of green marble. On this base, a round "incense bowl" is supported by a central bar and three curved, florally decorated outer supports, each ending in a squatting griffin. The bowl tapers into a short neck decorated with openwork acanthus foliage with a lid crowned by a pine cone. Female trumpet players on the outer rim of the bowl, their legs ending in acanthus leaves, lead over to the floral design of the three lateral supports.
The trumpets originally held in the hands have been lost.
The model for this extremely high quality incense burner is traditionally attributed to the workshop of Pierre-Philippe Thomire, Paris, and was made towards the end of Louis XVI's reign, around 1785.
Lit: For comparative pieces: H. Ottomeyer, P. Pröschel et al., Vergoldete Bronzen, Vol. I, Munich 1986, p. 269, Fig. 4.9.15
Height: 57.0 cm | 22.44 in.
Diameter: 21.0 cm | 8.27 in.


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