Govert (Gabriel) van der Leeuw (1643/45-1688), Mercury and Argus, 17th Century

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Large-scale painting depicting "Mercury and Argus" based on Jacob Jordaen's famous painting, painted around 1620. This painting has been attributed on the back to Govert (Gabriel) van der Leeuw (1643/45-1688). Mercury is shown as he has just put the "hundred-eyed" Argus to sleep by playing his flute for eventually beheading him. He was sent by Jupiter, who had turned his lover Jo into a cow to hide her from Juno. Mercury's mission was to free Jo now that she was being guarded by Argus on behalf of Juno. Govert van der Leeuw was born in Dordrecht in the Netherlands in 1643/45 and died there in 1688. Oil on canvas In smooth wooden frame with gold patinated profile Picture size: 227 x 176

Height: 240.0 cm | 94.49 in.
Width: 190.0 cm | 74.8 in.
Depth: 8.0 cm | 3.15 in.


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