Egyptian Style Iron Doors, c. 1800


SKU: 078-0480

The doors are designed according to an Egyptian pylon. Stylized palace facades at the bottom, slits at the top for ventilation. On the sides geniuses as guardians in the form of falcons and squatting human figures. On the door front bats and sun disk framed by a stylized Ouroboros with bird heads. Next to those are Ibis and at the bottom two mummy figures. The doors were integrated as sliding doors into a modern showcase cabinet. Cabinet dimensions: 241 x 283.5 x 47.5 cm Base plate depth: 75 cm Dimensions iron doors: 226 x 134 x 3 cm

Height: 226.0 cm | 88.98 in.
Width: 134.0 cm | 52.76 in.
Depth: 3.0 cm | 1.18 in.


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