Cycle of paintings after Wieland's Oberon by Josef Engelhart, Vienna 1900

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Very large high rectangular fresco depicting two lightly dressed dancers in front of oriental architectural backdrop. In the ornaments of the backdrop is written hidden "I painted this picture under unspeakable mental anguish because of Maria Anna". The frescoes were expertly restored, reinforced on the back and framed. This fresco was part of a cycle of paintings executed by Josef Engelhart (Vienna 1864-1941) for the dining room of the Gottlieb Taussig Palace (Schönbrunner Strasse 215) in Vienna. Christof Martin Wieland's verse epic "Oberon" from 1780 served as a model. The palace was hit by a bomb in 1945, as a result of which the frescoes were removed. Six frescoes are available. Provenance: Hofstätter Collection Vienna

Height: 211.0 cm | 83.07 in.
Width: 110.0 cm | 43.31 in.
Depth: 8.5 cm | 3.35 in.


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