Comprehensive 78-piece silver cutlery set

PRICE: €4.800

SKU: 073-0394

Comprehensive silver cutlery with coat of arms decoration and partly steel blades by Zwiling. Hallmarked 800 with an open helmet to the left. The cutlery set consists of:
6x serving cutlery: 554g
1x fish lifter: 126g
1x caviar knife: 58g
5x small spoons: 73g
6x cake forks: 168g
6x coffee spoons (round): 192g
5x coffee spoons (pointed): 156g
6x small fish knives: 207g
6x breakfast knives: 312g
6x breakfast forks: 260g
6x large fish knives: 303g
6x large fish forks: 279g
6x dinner knives:464g
6x dinner forks: 449g
6x dinner spoons: 446g


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