Chandelier with Palm Trees, Werner & Mieth, Berlin c. 1800-1810


SKU: 081-0358

Important neoclassical chandelier by Werner & Mieth Berlin circa 1800-1810. The chandelier is made of fire-gilt bronze and hangings of cut glass prisms and rose-tinted glass bodies. The eight-armed chandelier has three tiers. The lower tier with hanging small hoops and spirally twisted chandelier arms descends to a point in the centre and ends in a pine cone. Above it, four stylised palm trees rise up, connected to each other by garlands that swing out downwards. The imposing chandelier ends in a canopy with further dangling small hoops and concluding palm fronds. In between, they provide a view of rosé-coloured, partly cut glass bodies. The bottom view of the chandelier reveals the harmonious construction of a quatrefoil supporting hoop and spiral-shaped chandelier arms, which emerge in pairs from a corner.
Height: 140.0 cm | 55.12 in.
Width: 85.0 cm | 33.46 in.
Depth: 85.0 cm | 33.46 in.


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