Center Table by Franz Xaver Fortner, Rococo, Germany c. 1840


SKU: 039-0777

Impressive large Center Table by the famous Bavarian cabinetmaker Franz Xaver Fortner (1798-1877, Munich) from around 1840. The tabletop shows a rich inlay work out of brass, copper, tin, mother-of-pearl and partly colorized lacquer inlays display flowers, blossoms, festoons and volute ornaments, as well as a coat of arms-stylized central ornament with rich mother-of-pearl inlays. The tabletop's edge is twisted and the decorative double c-shaped designed volute feet attract by the display of semi plastic grimace ornaments. Fortner founded his workshop in 1826 in Munich and became one of the most important cabinetmakers in this period. He exported his work to England, Russia and France and worked for several noble families.

Height: 76.0 cm | 29.92 in.
Diameter: 130.0 cm | 51.18 in.


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