Canapé Bocca by Anacleto Spazzapan (b. 1943), 21st Century

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SKU: 127-0135

Sofa welded from individual square metal plates in the shape of a kissing mouth. As a designer, Anacleto Spazzapan (b. 1943) sees himself as serving modernity. However, antiques always reveal to him the value of good craftsmanship, an aspect that the designer wants to preserve through his equally handmade furniture. "I come from the antiques field which represents history. Antique furniture displays the value of handmade whilst contemporary items stand for technology. Mixing these two worlds is a personal choice which enriches an interior in terms of style." - Anacleto Spazzapan

Height: 80.0 cm | 31.5 in.
Width: 210.0 cm | 82.68 in.
Depth: 65.0 cm | 25.59 in.
Seat height: 39.0 cm | 15.35 in.


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