C.W.E. Dietrich gen. Dietricy (attr.), Pendant Window Paintings, 18th Century

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Pendant window pictures attributed to Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, called Dietricy (1712 Weimar - 1774 Dresden). Typical genre depiction of two pretty young ladies leaning out of arched windows. Both ladies are shown open-hearted with white blouses. One painting shows a lady with a red hair band and red cheeks leaning on a low railing and looking at the observer with a slightly glassy gaze. The window opening is framed with vine tendrils and a Mediterranean potted plant on the left edge of the painting. The other painting shows a young beauty with flowers in her hair, leaning loosely out of a window opening with a relief depiction of putti and the same green vine leaves. A red velvet curtain is pulled aside, revealing in the background the painter at his easel in front of another round-arched window with barred glass panes, which has illuminated the view into the painter's studio. Dietricy used this originally Dutch motif in a series of works. The fine painting could be shown to its best advantage especially in the smaller format. The direct gaze of the bared ladies together with certain attributes, the cloth, loosely draped over the balustrade, shell and birdcage and the relief with putti as bacchants, suggest eroticism and (venal) love. An extremely similar work with an insight into the painter's studio was executed for Duke Christian Ludwig II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Oil on wood, unsigned. Framed in a gold patinated frame with a groove. Picture dimensions: 32 x 23 and 32 x 23 cm. Provenance: privately owned since the 1970s Lit: Petra Schniewind Michel: Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich (1712-1774) genannt Dietricy, Munich 2012, p.198 and p. 199, Fig. 155.

Height: 42.0 cm | 16.54 in.
Width: 33.5 cm | 13.19 in.
Depth: 4.5 cm | 1.77 in.


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