Black Ceramic Vase by Poemu, France 2023


SKU: 173-0205

Black glazed ceramic vase with a smooth conical body and long free-form handles. Signed POEMU / de Mons / Aix on the bottom.

Poemu is a versatile French artist whose work spans lyricism, singing, illustration, visual arts, and sculpture. During the first lockdown in France, he renewed his interest in ceramics, creating a catalog of innovative shapes.

A key achievement is his "Figurative Handles" collection, featuring over 3,000 designs. He trained under Christophe De Mons in Aix en Provence, mastering ceramic techniques and producing his initial works influenced by mid-20th-century glazing.

Poemu's ceramics focus on shape and finish, experimenting with crackle glazes and satin blacks. A self-taught artist, he employs energy-efficient methods like single firing and high-temperature rendering.

His work has been exhibited globally, including the NY 2022 Salon and the "Artificialization of Land in the Rising Sun" in Cucuron, Provence. Poemu's pieces are featured in private collections and galleries such as Galerie Le Boucl'art Uzes, Galerie Glustin Paris, and Galerie Anticedote Paris. His creations have appeared in Elle Decoration and international venues in the U.S. and Germany.

Poemu views each creation as ongoing research, embracing the uniqueness and unfinished nature of his work, continually evolving and experimenting with his craft.

Height: 35.0 cm | 13.78 in.
Width: 66.0 cm | 25.98 in.
Depth: 15.0 cm | 5.91 in.


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