Biedermeier Secretaire, North Germany around 1820


SKU: 019-0377

Biedermeier secretaire with flanking full columns with leaf capitals and temple-like top with Schinkel roof. The secretaire is veneered in mahogany and equipped with four drawers of different sizes, the top with a door. The smooth writing flap conceals an elegant interior layout with thirteen small drawers around a central compartment. The central compartment is also modeled on a classic temple. The compartment is mirrored and has a geometric parquet floor. A secret compartment is concealed behind the steps and can be opened by pressing on the middle step. The secretary has been expertly restored and polished by hand.
Height: 202.0 cm | 79.53 in.
Width: 116.5 cm | 45.87 in.
Depth: 61.0 cm | 24.02 in.


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