Biedermeier Bookcase in Mahogany, circa 1820

PRICE: €5.800

SKU: 001-0588

Biedermeier bookcase with a straight, multi-profiled cornice and doors with two-thirds glazing including c-shaped bar, each decorated in the centre with a bronze rosette. The cabinet also has two drawers in the plinth zone and stands on square feet. The interior division consists of five shelves that can be adjusted in height. The cabinet is veneered in mahaogni with light-coloured thread inlays. It has been professionally restored and polished by hand. The interior depth is 30 cm, which makes it perfect for any serious library.
Height: 205.0 cm | 80.71 in.
Width: 159.5 cm | 62.8 in.
Depth: 46.0 cm | 18.11 in.


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