Renaissance Table, France, Early-17th Century


SKU: 039-1089

The Renaissance table with pull and runner mechanism and extensions is called 'à l'italienne.'
Beautiful table from the second French Renaissance, called 'à la du Cerceau.' It is a model inspired by the designs of furniture and architecture of Androuet du Cerceau in the mid-16th century.
It belongs to that style that originated in France, the Loire Valley, and Lyonnais, where the composition is classicist-inspired, always harmonious and sober as a reaction to the ultramontane style that prevailed in other regions at the time.
This elegant table is more straightforward than the fan-shaped models from Lyonnais or Burgundy and can serve as a showpiece or dining table at the same time. It has seven legs connected by three central columns.

Length opened: 255 cm.

Height: 80.0 cm | 31.5 in.
Width: 122.0 cm | 48.03 in.
Depth: 72.0 cm | 28.35 in.


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