Paulus Merwart, Dona Sol di Alcantâra, dat. 1853


SKU: 084-K_9

Three-quarter portrait of a middle-aged lady with black hair, which she covers with a mantilla. He wears a red pearl necklace and gold earrings. Family Crest and inscribed at the top left "Dona Sol di Alcantâra" and on the right "Paulus Merwart Pinxit / A.D. MDCCCLXXX (1853) Lutaetia". In a profiled and engraved wooden frame. Oil on canvas. Picture size: 58,5 x 48 cm.

Height: 74.5 cm | 29.33 in.
Width: 64.0 cm | 25.2 in.
Depth: 4.0 cm | 1.57 in.


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