Judgment of Paris, Francesco Trevisani (1656 -1746, granted)


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Judgment of Paris, Francesco Trevisani (1656 -1746, granted) Painting in oil on canvas attributed to Francesco Trevisani (1656 Capodistria - 1746 Rome) depicting the "Judgement of Paris". In order to clarify the question of who was the most beautiful of the three goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, Paris, who lived as a shepherd, was chosen as referee. On the left in the foreground Hera is depicted as a figure from the back with a peacock, stretching out her hand towards Paris. To the left of Paris with helmet and sandals is Athena and to the right is Aphrodite, who has just been presented with the golden apple as a sign of her victory. Picture size: 72 x 70 cm

Height: 88.5 cm | 34.84 in.
Width: 86.0 cm | 33.86 in.
Depth: 7.0 cm | 2.76 in.


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