Biedermeier Salon Table, Vienna circa 1815


SKU: 039-0973

Salon table veneered in walnut root, on a trefoil stand with ebonised, rocaille-shaped legs around a hexagonal central foot with fire-shaded acanthus leaf decoration. The table top with ebonised edge and radial thread inlays shows a central flower medallion. The foldable table top is also veneered on the underside and is mirror-imaged in the centre of the top and on the base, each with a medallion with wind roses and meandering decoration. Very good, expertly restored condition in museum quality. Dimensions of the table folded: 164 x 135 x 84 cm

Height: 80.0 cm | 31.5 in.
Diameter: 135.0 cm | 53.15 in.


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