Archer by Victor Heinrich Seifert (1870-1953)


SKU: 078-0740

Bronze sculpture of an antique heroic archer by the Austrian sculptor Victor Heinrich Seifert (1870 Döbling/Vienna - 1953 Berlin). Signed “V.H. Seifert fec.” on the base.

The unusually large bronze depicts the archer in dynamic action, his eyes fixed on his target, his bow drawn. He is clad in a loincloth and a helmet inspired by antiquity. The green patina with a slight sheen flatters the artist's surface treatment and accentuates the formal language and charisma.

Seifert was particularly popular for his heroic depictions and war monuments. 

Height: 94.0 cm | 37.01 in.
Width: 120.0 cm | 47.24 in.
Depth: 68.0 cm | 26.77 in.


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